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Hello visitor,

If you are here, it probably means that your are interested in software programming, multi-agent systems or machine learning — those are some of my favorite topics.

In this blog, I write about my personal tech projects, about the tools and techniques I have discovered recently, about ethic and technology, and more. I owe a lot from people who shared their work and their beliefs, so for me, it is justice to do the same.

It is worth mentionning that I am a PhD in computer sciences — in multi-agent simulation — and currently teaching decision-making system programming in engineering and business schools — a real pleasure. I still love doing research and here are the two questions that I cannot stop asking to myself in my work :

  1. How can I use (natural-inspired or not) distributed systems to address this decision problem ? Because for me, distribution means more space, more power, more robustness, more reliability — so we should go for it whenever it is possible.
  2. How to evaluate distributed systems (natural-inspired or not) against non-distributed systems for a given decision problem ?

Have a nice browsing time in this blog — I hope you will enjoy reading my posts !